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Who We Are

Cutting Edge Machining Solutions is a Swiss style CNC machine shop producing precise parts for a wide range of industries. Dedicated to customer satisfaction and support, CEMS experts take the time to design custom solutions for each client’s unique quote. CEMS strives to produce a precise, reliable, high-quality product every time.

Our History

In 2022, the company was acquired by Continuim Equity Partners, a Pittsburgh-based private equity investor focused on buying and growing industrial manufacturing businesses in the region. Under new ownership, the company will continue to invest in increasing capacity, expanding capabilities, improving quality, and reducing customer lead times.


Working with highly specialized and precision demanding industries like aerospace, medical, and electronics, CEMS has a reputation of being able to manufacture to very high standards. We have machined parts as small as <1/16th of an inch, and achieved tolerances as tight as +/- 0.00015.” Additionally, we have been known to be creative enough to effectively and efficiently manufacture “non-swiss” parts; this includes parts with a length-diameter ratio greater than 30:1. 

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