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Metal Surface

Our Approach

One on One Customer Service

Communication is key. Our sales team is here for you through the entire production process. From start to finish you will communicate with your representative. 


Pre-production Analysis

The first step of every job is a detailed analysis with our production team. We take your design and sit down with our engineers, quality control, inspection personnel, and lead machinists to discuss the most efficient and cost-effective way we can manufacture your part.


Inspection and Quality Policy

A production and control plan for each unique part ensures that the optimum process route and inspection protocol are used to satisfy customer specification requirements. All production undergoes a series of in-process and final inspections designed to verify specification requirements and eliminate the possibility of a non-conforming product reaching our customers.


Inventory Management

As your dedicated partner, we monitor each part of your order. Here at CEMS we offer inventory capabilities and can ship your quantities as requested. To learn more about our stock and customized shipping schedule contact us today!

Dedicated to customer satisfaction and support, CEMS experts take the time to design custom solutions for each clients unique quote. We strive to produce a precise, reliable, high-quality product every time.

Let's Work Together

Interested in what we have to offer?

Submit an RFQ or call us at (814)345-6690 

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